In Development

Mine Mother Feature Film

Genre: Thriller

Written by Matthew Godbey and Herb Kimble

Log Line: A man dealing with severe agoraphobia and a controlling mother desperately tries to finally escape the confines of his home.

Synopsis: OWEN had a difficult childhood until he was adopted and swept away to live in a Manhattan penthouse. With an attentive butler, a loving mother, and all the chocolate ice cream he could eat, what more could he want? Nearly 40 years later, he still hasn’t left that penthouse – crippled by debilitating agoraphobia. Worse, his “loving” mother may be hiding a malevolent side…

Last Will and Testament

Half Hour Episodic Series

Genre: Comedy

Written by Matthew Godbey and Herb Kimble

Log Line: The promise of a multi-million dollar inheritance brings two completely opposite participants into a unlikely union…marriage. Patricia (rich socialite) and Lashawn ( janitor) must remain married for five years, while conquering a series of stipulations in order to collect.